Summary - Moving mail to new disk

From: James McCaw (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 16:14:44 CDT

The original problem was that the / partition, which was only about 14
Megabytes, had the mail files on it and frequently filled up, causing the
computer to have a problem, as you can well imagine.
I installed a new hard drive and was able to do that because of this group.
 I then moved the print files, but not the print program to the new disk
and then set up some soft links from the old directories to the new

1. Change to single-user mode by logging in as su. This stopped anyone
from using the
    mail program.

2. Copy the files from /var/spool/mail to /new1/mail
    cp -rp /var/spool/mail /new1 /* this is a recursive-preserve copy,
     chown username filename * preserved everything except
ownership. I
                                          * used chown on each file, making everything
                                         /* identical to the original directories.
    cp -rp /var/spool/mqueue /new1
    chown username filename

3. Remove the original files
    cd /var/spool
    rm -rf mqueue
    rm -rf mail

4. Create soft links.
    ln -s /var/spool/mqueue /new1/mqueue
    ln -s /var/spool/mail /new1/mail

5. Then I rebooted
    shutdown -r now

6. Checked out the mail, directories and file systems. The / file system
was down
    to 55% full and is no longer affected by the buildup of mail.

All's well that ends well!

Thanks to all again.


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