SUMMARY: JetAdmin remote printing failure

From: Tim Fritz (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 09:31:22 CDT

As usual the list comes through. The problem came from the wrong
version of the echo command being used.

> From: Matthew Stier <>
> Sounds like the print system was stopped and restarted by someone
> with /usr/ucb in thier path first.
> The script /etc/init.d/lp inherits it environment, and will not run
> properly if run with Berkley versions of several commands.

> From: John Stoffel <>
> I've run into this problem a bunch of times, it's a problem with which
> version of 'echo' is being used. What you do is this, on the print
> server machine:

>From the man page on "echo":
Note that the escape conventions are not available if the
BSD version of the Bourne shell echo command is used. (See
OPTIONS section)

I stopped the print system and restarted it with /usr/bin before /usr/ucb
in my path and that fixed it...mostly. In trying to figure out what was
wrong in had removed and added 2 printers while the wrong echo command's
path was in place. I had to remove and add them again after restarting the
print services.

Thanks to:
Matthew Stier <>
John Stoffel <>
Michael Shannon <mike@FL.ENSCO.COM>
Bismark Espinoza <bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov>
Richard Skelton <>
Frank Pardo <>
Jonathan Loh <>
Eric S Johnson <>
Erwin Fritz <>
Rick von Richter <>
and anyone else I might have left out by accident.

My original message:
> Help! Suddenly remote printing has failed from our Sun machines. The
> printers affected are all HP's with JetDirect cards. They were configured
> using JetAdmin ver.D.02.10 on a Sparc20 running Solaris 2.4 and everything
> seemed to be working fine. Now clients print jobs seem to go OK but all
> that comes out is one page with:
> \033%-12345X\c
> @PJL JOB NAME = "User: machine!user; Job:
> The clients machines are all sparcs running 2.4. I checked everything I
> can think of. Any help would be appreciated.

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