SUMMARY: Informix and logical volumes

From: Chistopher Haggard (
Date: Wed Apr 09 1997 - 15:30:36 CDT

My original posting, with notes:



>We are going to run Informix Online DS (v 7.22.uc1) on an Ultra Enterprise

>3000, running Solaris 2.5.1, We have 8GB of storage (2 4GB disks) The people

>t Informix seemed shocked to discover I didnt use veritas or some other

>manager for the 2 disks. They said we need more than the 8 partitions

>e per disk, they said it is very unrealistic to manually partition and use

>database offset.




>Will more than 16 total partitions be required?

It depends on the database, probably not on our, size really matters more than

quantity. Using DB offsets 16 will be plenty. Using logical partitions for

each piece of the DB, ( we will have about 6 ) would cut t very close.

>If so will Online Disksuite do this or do we have to purchase Veritas?

>From what I was told , Disksuite will stripe disks together, for parallel

read-write, but veritas does the logical partitions (more than 8 per disk)

>What are your opinions on performance?

My 2 4GB disk configuration is not ideal because one disk will always be

thrashing about, using Disksuite to stripe the disk should help this though,

Also veritas would not give a performance boost (the physical disk would still

thrash) and might make things more cumbersome in the event of a total failure.

As long as careful plans are made for the DB offsets and such I think this is

the way we will go , making sure to reserve some space to "grow" filesystems.

It was also suggested to mirror the databases, which is not an option right

now. I wascautioned that Disksuite can be troublesome and "buggy" but all I am

 interested in it for is the striping, and since we have it , why buy veritas.

Pretty much everyone wondered about Informix opinion of "logical volume

managers" versus format/newfs/db-offset, which I can't explain, nor do I agree

with, I would rather use common sense planning based on data and requirements

than use a GUI tool to partition 2 disks 25 ways for a database.

Thanks for all of the help, and the quick responses.

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