SUMMARY: Sparc20 PPP server

Date: Tue Apr 08 1997 - 16:44:33 CDT

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Original message:

> I would like to set up a Sparc20 running Solaris 2.x as a PPP server.
> The SPARC is currently attached to a large ethernet network, and I want
> to be able to connect to it from a Mac at home and use applications
> that require TCP/IP.

> What I can fo so far is dialup from home to a terminal server from where
> I can telnet to the SPARC. I have searched the internet but most of the
> info I found refers to setting up a SPARC to be connected to the internet
>through PPP.

> Can I please get some pointers from people that have done this before?


Stokely Consulting's Unix Serial Port Resources page at:

Usenet newsgroup:

PPP Software:

    dp-4.0 (

    Solaris ppp software (SUNWapppr, SUNWapppu and SUNWpppk)
        - Several people suggested to avoid that...

PPP on terminal server (configure a port to use ppp as default protocol):

    If host is rebooted, connections are not lost; of course while
    the reboot is taking place, no new authentications are taking place

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