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Date: Tue Apr 08 1997 - 01:29:54 CDT

SUMMARY on utility...

With much thanks to the unix Gurus on the sunmanagers list.
There were approximately 80 responses.

sunman> Do you know of a utility that can read compressed archives?

most common answer:
        zcat file1.tar.Z | tar tvf -
second most common answer:
        gtar -ztvf filename.tar.gz

uncompress -c file1.tar.Z | tar tvf -

gzcat file1.tar.{gz,Z} |tar tvf - | {more, pg or less}
gzip -cd file1.tar.Z | tar vft -

emacs w/update to .emacs (require 'dired-tar)
                             (load "crypt++")

 Version 1.4 of XTar is now available - XTar is a Motif program which
 allows you to browse through tar archives (optionally compressed) and
 view and extract individual files or directories.

May be you can to find ------beav ---------
this is a good binary editor, it is hard to find in binary form
but there are another binary editors.
you can to open the compressed file with the new vi too, it
can to open binary files and it is free

Thank You, All

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