SUMMARY:how to compress when back up into DAT..

From: eun joo lee (
Date: Mon Apr 07 1997 - 05:03:00 CDT

thanks to all who replied..

original question:

>please,let me know how to back up in compress mode into tape(4mm or 8mmDAT).
>I know when data is backed up in compress, the tape's capacity is to be double.
>does the compress mean to compress files(*.Z)?


     Solaris 1

             Tape with id of 4 - std device /dev/rst0
                                     - Compress Dev /dev/rst8
             Tape with id of 5 - std device /dev/rst1
                                     - Compress Dev /dev/rst9
     Solaris 2
             Ist tape drive - std dev /dev/rmt/0
                                     - compress dev /dev/rmt/0h
                                      /dev/rmt/0h [High Capacity,
                                      /dev/rmt/0hn [ High capacity,No
rewind ]
                                      /dev/rmt/0hbn [High Capacity,
                                                     Berkely file
positioning semantics, no rewind]
                                      /dev/rmt/0c [compress ]

Thanks again

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