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From: Jean Baptiste (
Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 11:10:47 CST

My original post:

>I am getting the following error when trying to launch an application.
> warning: /usr/5lib/ has older revision than expected 9

The short of it is that the warning can be ignored because application was complied on a system that has newer libraries than mine. Or, the new library can be linked to "trick" the application. Additionally, the application can be recomplied with old libraries.

Thanks to the following people:

Josh Kuperman
Sanjiv K. Bhatia
Mattias Zhabinskiy
Nadya Williams
Dave Wreski
Ric Anderson
Helen Petropoulos
Russ Poffenberger
Harvey Wamboldt
Bismark Espinoza
Richard Skelton
Dale Wiles
Glenn Satchell
Benjamin Cline
Rene Occelli
Lawson A S
Angel Lopez Luengo
Stefan <>

The following are some choice postings:

I get the same and had asked the question a while back. You must be running
SunOS 4.1.3 and the warning will go away if you upgrade to SunOS 4.1.3_U1 or
SunOS 4.1.4. I decided to just put up with it and aliased the applications to

( app \!* > `tty` ) >& /dev/null

and it got rid of the annoying warning message. However, you also lose stderr
in this fashion.

It sounds that your application was compiled for 4.1.3_U1, and you are running
4.1.3. I had a similar problem with Netscape, and just copied the named version
of a library in lib dir. No side effects so far.

--- You should set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to something like:


and see if that makes a difference..

--- It's just a warning. You could either update the library to the 2.9 version, or you could type

ln -s

and that will eliminate the warning message.

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