Date: Thu Apr 03 1997 - 14:07:50 CST

     Thanks to all who responded, your help is GREATLY appreciated.
     Original Question:
     Does anyone know if the SPARC C Compiler 4.0 supports embedded SQL? We
     have a need to write some C programs for our Oracle 7.1.6 RDBMS
     which will contain embedded SQL, and I wanted to ensure that the Sun
     compiler supports embedded SQL before I purchase it.
     Thanks for any info....
     The SPARCCompiler doesn't directly deal with embedded SQL, however,
     using Oracle PRO-C should precompile the embedded SQL into a form that
     the SPARCCompiler can handle.
     Thanks to these folks:
     Peter Schauss
     Ray Trzaska
     Trevor Paquette
     Nabil Osorio
     Alfredo Sola
     Bruce Feist
     If I mistakenly left out your name, I apologize.

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