SUMMARY: use ftp with tcsh

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I have to say this group is great. I got the right answer less than 2 hrs. It's
faster than some experiences I had with Sun Services.

Original Question:

 One of the users in the group tried to use ftp, and got
> john@gazelle 21- ftp gazelle
> Connected to gazelle.
> 220 gazelle FTP server (SunOS 4.1) ready.
> Name (gazelle:root): john
> 530 User john access denied.
> Login failed.
> ftp>
> while the others don't have the problem. I noticed the difference is that user
> use "tcsh" as his login shell and the others use "csh".
> Is there any way to make ftp work without changeing the login shell?


Make sure the shell (tcsh) is included in /etc/shells


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