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Date: Tue Apr 01 1997 - 17:32:51 CST

Original question:

> I need a script to run on a regular basis which removes all old files
> beneath the current directory that contain 'MAILFORM' in their
> filename.
> I know this command: find . -mtime +45 -exec rm -f {} \; But it does
> not solve my problem because it erases ALL the older files. I only want
> to zap the MAILFORM files.
> Can someone please tell me how to work a pattern match into this command
> or else another way to accomplish my goal.

I know, It's in the man page for find. I couldn't make sense of it. Thanks for the response. I'm OK now. I have the correct syntax. Here are a few replies:


find . -mtime +45 -name \*MAILFORM\* -exec rm -f {} \;
find . -name "*MAILFORM*" -mtime +45 -exec rm -f {} \;
find . -name '*MAILFORM*' -mtime +45 -exec rm -f {} \;


I never use the -exec switch because it fires up rm for every single
   file that's being erased. Try this:

        find . -type f -mtime +45 -print | grep MAILFORM | xargs rm -f

   xargs will create a nice long argument string of files to pass to rm.
   Another advantage is if you'd like to find out what files were deleted; you
   can redirect the grep to a file, mail it to yourself, and then feed that
   file to xargs via stdin.


All of this is available in the man page (man find). Be carefull with the
differences between GNU find and SunOS find.


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