SUMMARY2:Wrapper in Different Shells

From: Lau, Victoria H (
Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 20:11:28 CST

Since I posted my summary yesterday, Vasu Vuppala sent me more
useful information on writing wrapper scripts in the ksh that
I would like to pass on. Here is another summary with the
added info:

Original question:
I have a line in my csh wrapper to start my program:
  exec /usr/mri/master/bin/`basename $0` $*:q

How do I convert the above line to Korn shell and Bourne shell to pass
all the parameters to the command? One of my actual commands to call
xsh is:

  xsh -t mri02


Both of the following lines work (in ksh and sh):

  exec /usr/mri/master/bin/`basename $0` "$@"
  exec /usr/mri/master/bin/`basename $0` "${@:-}"

Added info from Vasu:
as you know, using `basename $0` invokes another process, which is costly.
ksh provides parameter substitution constructs to do the equivalent. so a
way in ksh would be

    exec /usr/mri/master/bin/"${0##*/}" "${@:-}"
${X##*/} represents,

    $X with its longest prefix matching the pattern '*/' deleted
This is just a parameter substitution done inside ksh and does not invoke any
other process.

Vicky Lau

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