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From: Tim Carlson (
Date: Mon Mar 31 1997 - 09:26:15 CST

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Ok.. Here is the situation

Solaris 2.5.1
Stock sendmail Sendmail SMI-8.6/SMI-SVR4
No NIS. everything is done via our ISP's DNS

I have a machine that is going to be the only UNIX box in the domain.
Call it

All I want is to have this machine (which is also be able
to send out mail so it looks like it is coming from
and to be able to get mail that comes in to or

The file that comes with your basic install is meant for
a subsidiary machine.. This isn't what I want.

Does someone have a sendmail.main that I can steal that will do what
I want? I'd rather not go through the pain of grabbing bind/sendmail
from UCB and doing a complete installation of that.. And then having
to play with a whole different set of things...

I really hate sendmail :)

I still hate sendmail, but love the list for helping me out.

Most people pointed to the fact that I was playing with the wrong .cf file
to start.. To really show you how bad it was (late Friday), I was doing a

cd /etc/mail
ls send*

and only seeing and when there was a
sitting there all along.. Once I was informed of this blatant mistake,
things were much easier.

The main thing was to make sure that the Dm, Cm, DM, DR and CR variables
were set correctly. I had done all this in (which was actually but had not gotten the desired results. Copying
to and making the correct changes solved most of the problems.

The last problem I had was to make outgoing mail look like it was coming
from instead of Many thanks to

Louis Hoo <>

who pointed me to the modificiations that needed to be made to ruleset 22.

What was

R$+<@$+>$* $@$1<@$2.$m>$3 tack on our domain
R$+ $@$1<@$w.$m> tack on our name

needed to be changed to

R$+<@$+>$* $@$1<@$m>$3 tack on our domain
R$+ $@$1<@$m> tack on our full name

which actually makes sense if you understand sendmail :-)

Most people still suggested a move to a newer sendmail is still the best
thing to do. I'll probably play with that a bit. There were also many
suggestions to RTFM where TFM is of course the O'Reilly sendmail book.

Thank to all the replied. If I listed them all it would be longer than
this message.


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