From: Sherman, Mark (mark@dbs-mia.com)
Date: Sun Mar 30 1997 - 11:33:54 CST

From: Sherman, Mark
Sent: Friday, March 28, 1997 3:41 PM
To: 'sun-managers@ra.mcs.anl.gov'

Summarry addednum:
        I did not include the original question with my first summary, I have
been corrected, and here you go:

I would like to upgrade the ram in my IPX (currently 16mg) I tried
using two 16mg simms, which passed test-memory, but I received Data
Access Exeception on boot. Does any know the correct type /
configuration of memory to use in an IPX.

As always,
        This list comes through with shining colors. Within a couple of hours
I received the following responses = all more than acceptable. If all
mailing list were this good, I'd never have to read another a tech
manual :-)

Mark Sherman

The Reponse Were: (In no Specific Order)

gmp@adc.com [SMTP:gmp@adc.com]
Tim Carlson [SMTP:tim@santafe.edu]

tells you all you need to know

Dave Staggs [SMTP:dstaggs@kcii.com]

use 4 mb simm 501-1812-01
use 16mb simm 501-1822-01 or 501-1915-01
if you have a specific configuration, let me know, i can tell you
where to put them.
for a 32 mb config, put chips in slot 0 u0310 and slot 2 u0308.

Mike Frisch [SMTP:mfrisch@saturn.tlug.org]

You need to use 16MB, 72-pin, TRUE parity RAM (36-bit) and it should
be fine.

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