SUMMARY: x86 boot problem

From: Terry Okus - Sys Admin (
Date: Wed Mar 26 1997 - 08:16:27 CST

Original problem post:
After recently upgrading a 486DX4 100 to a true Intel Pentium Motherboard, I've encountered some problems. To wit: Solaris 2.4 x86, Driver Update 10 installs fine on Tyan PCI motherboard with P133 and 64meg mem, can boot single user from cdrom, installs fine to a 2.5 gig Quantum IDE drive.

Boot strap program loads, recieve standard Solaris msg at initial boot. However, numerous messages scroll off of the screen and cpu resets. The best I can make out from these messages is that the kernel is faulting with a BAD TRAP & page fault.

No fix found. Special thanx to

Greg Weingart <>
Jason Williamson <>

Greg's reference to
helped to alleviate the PANIC. However, the kernel fails to load and I'm stuck
with a continuous rotating dial :( .

Jason's suggestion for reloading had been previously tried, but with no success. Thanx anyway Jason.

Looks like Sun is going to get some coin out of me for a 2.5.1 upgrade.

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