SUMMARY: Solaris to NT printing

From: Leo Crombach (
Date: Tue Mar 25 1997 - 09:34:56 CST

First, let me say thank you to all those who responded to my posting.

My original question:

> For reasons which I will not elaborate on, I am trying to use a
Windows >NT workstation as a print server for a Solaris 2.5.1 machine
(Ultra). I am >able to print text files to the desired printer (HP DeskJet
1600CM) with no >problems; however, if I try to print a graphics file (TIFF)
the NT box sends >the file to the printer as a very long text file.
> The problem, I believe, is that the lp client on the Solaris box is
>sending either a f, o, or p control command to the NT box which takes the
raw >file and assigns it the TEXT datatype. I have searched through the
answerbook >and other sources and have not been able to determine how to
configure lp so >that it will send the proper control command. My question
is does anyone know >how to tell lp to send the correct control command or
even if it is possible.


        One suggestion was to install the SunSoft print client
( which has
better functionality than lp. I have not tried this option yet but I am
going to just to see how well it works.

        The other suggestion I received from a couple of individuals was to
use /usr/ucb/lpr -l -Pprintername. This is the option I tried and it worked

        Apparently Microsoft is aware of this issue and you may be able to
find more information on it in their knowledge base.

Thanks Again,

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