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Date: Tue Mar 25 1997 - 01:32:47 CST

My original question:

>Does anyone know of a good Motif vendor? Specifically I'm looking for a
>mwm based on motif 1.2.5 or higher for SPARC solaris 2.5. It'd be nice if
>the vendor was in the same timezone as Sydney, Australia (GMT+10).
I had several pointers to dtwm, the CDE window manager
1 pointer to ICS USA/UK
several pointed me at Sun's SDK, which has a mwm (which I had investigated,
  but had been unable to find any details, in particular, nobody could tell
  me which version of motif it was based on)
1 pointer to SCO Premier Motif (
1 pointer to Unixpac Australia who sell Bluestone mwm (
1 pointer to metrolink (
and I myself had found PTS (

I want to run mwm because a particular application wants/expects the look and
feel of motif, and the users who use the application also want/expect the
look and feel of mwm. Also, mwm is strictly a window manager, and does not
come with all the flashing lights that are in dtwm. I need something that
runs fast, and is comfortable for the users (and thus me). So thank you
all for suggesting dtwm, but it's not my cup of tea. I could not get any
details about the solaris 2.5.1 SDK. Our contact could not even tell me
which version of motif was in it. The others I'm still checking out. But it
seems to be a marketplace with few vendors.

Thanks to:
Leif Hedstrom <>
"Steve Wagner (9432)" <>
John D Groenveld <>
Justin Young <>
Richard Skelton <>
Cecil Pang <>


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