summary: /home vs /export/home

From: PK Shiu (
Date: Sat Mar 22 1997 - 10:17:18 CST

Thanks to:
Jason Williamson <> (Kris Briscoe)
"Cecil Pang" <>
Jose Enrique Diaz Jolly <>

Should I put user home dir in /home or /export/home?
Solaris 2.5/DNS/small network.

1) I used Auto Layout during installation, so root is small (14M). That is
a good thing anyway.
2) System is using automouter, so I /home is a mount point. I will not be
able to create directories under /home
3) Use /export/home -- I have to create the user directory manually
4) Leave defaults in useradd alone, so logical user home is at /home/username
5) Add automount entry for each user home in /etc/auto_home


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