Summary: DNS and NIS on SunOS machine.

From: David Harel (
Date: Sat Mar 22 1997 - 01:37:40 CST

Thanks managers.

1. Credits
2. Original question
3. Suggestions

    1. Credits:

        Gautam Das <>
        Stefan <>
        Peter Utama (Operations) <>
        Bob Fulwiler <>

    2. Original question:

> Subject: DNS and NIS on SunOS machine.
> Hi managers,
> Scenario:
> DNS server: Solaris 2.5 machine running the Sun's original
> NIS master: SunOS machine 4.1.4 Makefile has B=-b option.
> NIS slaves: mostly SunOS
> Client Solaris 2.5: O.K.
> Client SunOS 4.1.4: No resolv+, no /usr/lib/shlib.etc
> resolv.conf:
> domain
> nameserver
> Problem description:
> O.K. using NIS, O.K. resolving outside world. Outside world can
> machines in the domain.
> BUT the client machine can't resolve local machines using the
DNS, i.e.
> ping galileo5 (NIS) works fine, ping
(DNS) fails.
> I want all machines to use only DNS for name resolving. I will
be very
> happy if I don't need to install resolv+ and shlib.
> Any suggestions ?

    3. Suggestions:

        3.1: From stefan <> paragraph 2 about resolv

             1. using B=-b is ok, but I was told to reboot all NIS
                since the make in /var/yp seems to do only a half
hearted job...

             2. i was told to add the following line to
                order local, nis, bind

                In your case, you should only use 'bind' (but this would
                the B=-b option obsolete...)

                The man page for resolv.conf does not mention this, but
                internet provider said, that this is an undocumented
                he was not sure, whether it should be 'nis' or 'yp' -
try it out.

             3. SunOS seems to have a problem generating correct
broadcast dresses
                Do a 'ifconfig -a' on SunOS and Solaris and you might
see the

                I have added a line
                ifconfig le0 ip.ip.ip.ip netmask nm.nm.nm.nm broadcast
                AFTER the line
                ifconfig -a netmask + broadcast + > /dev/null

                In a subnet xx.xx.xx.192, the broadcast adress is
                NOT xx.xx.xx.192 but xx.xx.xx.223 instead.

                This cures SunOS - and maybe it also cures your problem
                (partially ?)

                In our case, it seemes, that name resolving sometimes
worked ok
                and sometimes not - whitout changing files in the
meantime. My
                impression is, that after the changes mentioned above,
                is ok now...

        3.2: Use nslookup and list the hosts in your domain using the ls
             as below:-


> server
             Default Server:

> ls

             See if the host in your DNS maps are listed, if not you
have to fix
             your DNS.

        3.3: On the 4.x machines, you may need the newer version lov
             which has the DNS resolution code. Since it is dynamically
             linked, you just need to distribute it and the resolv.conf
             to the 4.x machines and resart named.

        3.4: It should work if your NIS domain name is the same as your
DNS domain

Thanks managers.


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