SUMMARY: PC Using Sparc Monitor

From: Dave Wreski (
Date: Fri Mar 21 1997 - 11:55:21 CST

Hi people. Sorry its taken me so long to put this summary together. I
actually haven't even had time to reference any of the responses I
received. Many people asked for a summary, so I couldn't put it off any

My original question:
> Hi all. I would like to have just one monitor on my desk, and since I
> already have a large sparc monitor, is there a way to use this for my PC
> as well? What are my options? How can I switch between the two? The
> monitor does not have BNC connectors, just the normal Sparc monitor
> port.

Too many people helped to list individually. Thanks everyone. Basically
it comes down to finding a cable, or a card that supports the Sparc fixed
frequency monitors.

1. Check the archives for recent discussion:

2. Check out the following vendors:

3. Another idea:

i saw a fancy setup that allows one keyboard and monitor to control a
sun and a pc. the problem is that it costs about $900 with cables.

4. From Hagen Finley <>

    A| company called NuData in New Jersey that specializes in custom
cables can make up a VGA| to BNC| cable. NuData's number is 800-844-5757.
I called that number and left a message requesting their catalogue, but
I| never got anything from them. NuData does not appear to have a
WebSite, but if you do a Web search on NuData you'll likely find some
discussion of their cables in the newsgroups.
    I| also saw one of those adapters a couple of weeks ago at FRY's in
Palo Alto, CA. They might be willing to ship you one. I think it was
somewhere between $50 and $75, but I| was looking for a SUN| to VGA| cable
so I| didn't pay close attention.
    I cannot vouch for the functionality of the cable or advise you
about compatability, because I| haven't tried either.

5. From

Dear Dave,
        I see and use a sample one that there is some special adapters
from female 13W3 to male VGA.It is possible to find one.Best RGDS.

        Sezgin ASKIN
        Presales Engineer

Thanks again everyone,
Dave Wreski

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