SUMMARY: passwd options

From: Clemens Schmuck (
Date: Fri Mar 21 1997 - 04:05:13 CST

here's my original question:
i'm running soms sparc stations and ultras (all solaris 2.5.1) and nis/yp
naming service.
solaris comes with a passwd command that allows to change nis/yp
passwords but beside that it also allows every user to change his login
shell and his gecos field.
my problem is that i do want users only to change their passwords not
anything else. i couldn't find out how to restrict the passwd command.
has anybody got an idea?

the answer was very simple i just had to change the options for
* kill yppasswdd
* then something like this
  rpc.yppasswdd -D /var/yp/src -nogecos -noshell -m && echo '
* remember to edit the startup skripts too
Try: man rpc.yppasswdd to get more informations

thanks to
Torsten Metzner <>


 clemens schmuck
 university of salzburg
 hellbrunnerstr. 34
 5020 salzburg, austria

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