Summary: NIS question

From: Jim Faust (
Date: Thu Mar 20 1997 - 17:40:22 CST

Original request:

>Hi folks,
>I'm trying to setup the local NIS to include automount maps. I'm
>running SunOS 4.1.x and have the master and a slave server on one
>segment and two additional slaves on another segment. I modified
>my make file and successfully ran the auto.master map through, but
>then my next map choked.
>I ran everything by hand and when executing the below command:
> /usr/etc/yp/yppush -v -d pixel auto.home
>I get this error:
>Can't bind master to send ypclear message to ypserv for map auto.home.
>any ideas?

Because this was a new set of maps that didn't exist on my NIS slaves,
I had to push them out to the slave servers by hand the first time.

<NIS master># make NOPUSH=1
<NIS slave># /usr/etc/yp/ypxfr -h <NIS master> <map name>

Many thanks to the following:

Daniel Lorenzini <>
Glenn Satchell <>.com>
birger@Vest.Sdata.No (Birger A. Wathne)

Thanks again,


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