SUMMARY : Suuport for diskless client on 2.5

From: Alan Chan (A.Chan@CdnAir.CA)
Date: Thu Mar 20 1997 - 16:16:29 CST

Hi Sun Managers:

My Original Post:

        The weather in Vancouver is depressing. Rain, rain and more rain ...
For those of you in sunny country, may be you can bring me some bright

        I have a Sparc 10 host set up as an OS server running Solaris 2.5.
I want to set it up to support sun4c architecture. I started Solstice,
selected Host Manager, selected my host BIGHOST and select add OS support.
I have the Solaris 2.5 CD mounted and Solstice sees all the available OS.
I selected Solaris 2.5 for sun4c and everything seemed ok so far. After
about 30 seconds, it came back with this message:

BIGHOST: Error: Method os_service_modification: inconsistent revision,
installed package SUNWmfrun revision 1.2.3,REV=5.3 does not match
1.2.6,REV= for sparc architectur

        This is the Motif runtime. My suspicion is BIGHOST has the latest
patches installed and Solstice found the version of software in the system
does not match the version on CD. Could someone tell me if this is the
problem and how can one work around it?

        If my guess is wrong, could someone tell me what the problem could
be? Thanks in advance.


Thanks To:
Sophia Sameera Corsava <>


        I did not receive any mail offering concrete solution to this problem.
I did receive a couple of mails from sunny Australia telling me they are
heading out to the beach and having lunch in the sun. That sure brightened
up my day, thanks.

        I did a pkginfo on BIGHOST and found there were 2 SUNWmfrun packages

        SUNWmfrun revision 1.2.6,REV=
        SUNWmfrun.2 revision 1.2.3,REV=5.3

        SUNWmfrun is the original package installed by solaris 2.5. SUNWmfrun.2
was a package installed by SparcWorks. Somehow Host Manager only picked up
the SUNWmfrun.2 package and ignored the fact that I do have the newer version.
I went in /var/sadm/pkg and renamed SUNWmfrun.2 to something else so the
command pkginfo could no longer see it. I tried the add OS support and it
failed the same way. I finally did a pkgrm and totally removed SUNWmfrun.2
and that resolved the problem.

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