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From: Alok joshi (
Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 23:12:11 CST

hello everybody,
        The proble which i had put up was that the user when he logins should get wether he has mail or new mail.I am thankful to the following people for
their replies:
Vasu Srisanan <>,Gonzo Bushman <>,
Mohammed Ali <>,
Most of the replies were same and doing the following should help:
1) '/usr/ucb/biff y' in the .profile if you have cshell
2) else try this script:
/bin/mail -E
        switch ( $status )
        case 0:
                echo "You have new mail."
        case 2:
                echo "You have mail."

With best regards

Alok Joshi
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