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From: Greg Oliver (
Date: Thu Mar 13 1997 - 05:42:16 CST

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I have 6 UltraSparcs running 2.5.1 with all recommended patches
installed. I changed the network addresses on all of them kast week.
 Since then, all rpc programs are not functioning correctly. rcp
will not work at all, get the "mesg: cannot stat" error. rsh works,
but with 2 errors; "mesg: cannot stat" and "stty: : invalid
argument". I have tried everything I know of, but to no avail.
Tried all different shells, no luck.. All the host files are updated
and correct on all machines. Everything was working beautifully
until I changed the ip addresses on the networks. All of the Sparcs
are on the same subnet as well.

Any Ideas?


Almost everyone who replied seemed to think that it was an
interactive versus non-interactive setting in my .cshrc file, but
even using a bourne shell or a c-shell with no .login .profile,
or.cshrc it still produces the same message. A couple of people
replied about the hostnames and ip addresses and such, but they are
all correct as well. I tried both hostname and fully qualified
domain names and still no luck.. As I said before, all was working
just fine before I changed the ip addresses (none of the machine
names changed, just the addresses.) Anyone else have any ideas??

Greg Oliver

Thanks to the folliwing people:

Kevin Sheehan
John Higgins
Simon Convey
Jens Fischer
Stephen Harris
Thomas White
Gene Rackow
Francis Liu
Michael Kohne
Ric Anderson

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