SUMMARY: Mirroring for SunOS4.1.4

From: Pascal Gaudette (
Date: Tue Mar 11 1997 - 10:31:38 CST

Hi folks,

A couple of days ago I asked about mirroring options for SunOS4.1.4.
My original query went along these lines:
> We have some SunOS4.1.4 boxes for which we'd like to set up disk
> mirroring (including mirroring of /). For various reasons, upgrading
> these machines to Solaris is not an option. On Solaris boxes, we have
> Sun's DiskSuite package for this, and we were able to dig out a CD
> entitled "Sun Online: DiskSuite 1.0" for SunOS4.1.x. However, this is
> a six year old 1.0 product, and so isn't the most confidence inpiring
> thing in the universe. The most recent versions of DiskSuite seem to
> only support Solaris [ie SunOS5.x].
> Anyone know of other mirroring solutions for SunOS4.1.4? Any
> experience with Disksuite 1.0 on 4.1.x?

An overwhelming majority of respondants showered praise on DiskSuite
1.0, and no one reported any problems with it. The overall tone of the
responses is best summed up with this quote from Kim Culhan
> DiskSuite 1.0 on SunOS 4.1.4 is a great product, they got it right six
> years ago; proceed without hesitation.

Some people mentioned the existence of a jumbo patch for ODS 1.0. After
a little bit of digging I found:
# 103572-01 96/07/08 SunOS 4.1.4: ONLINE DISK SUITE 1.0:
# patch for disk mirroring
# NOTE patch 103572 also requires patch 102433
And there are also patches for earlier SunOS versions. The fairly
recent date on this patch does seem to confirm that Sun may still
be supporting this product, as was reported by one person.

Finally, someone suggested a hardware RAID solution, which would also
work but is out since it would cost lots of $$$. :)

So, onward with DiskSuite 1.0!

Thanks to the following generous souls who took some of their time
time to share their wisdom and experience:
- Gary Richardson <>
- Luca Pizzinato <>
- Jeff Wasilko <>
- Michael Blandford <>
- Matthew Stier <>
- Sanjay Patel <>
- john benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>
- Kim Culhan <>
- Peter Bestel <>
- Daniel Lorenzini <>

A happy camper,

Pascal Gaudette <>
UNIX Programmer/Analyst, iSTAR internet inc.
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