SUMMARY: Surpressing individual e-mail addreeses when using aliases

From: Kurt Stype (
Date: Fri Mar 07 1997 - 12:44:56 CST

I would like to thank those who responded to my original message: (Frank Pardo)
Jim Harmon <>
Allan Wind <>

The solution was VERY simple, use the bcc option when sending the mail.
It worked quite well.

Thanks as usual!

Kurt :)

Here's the original message:

> 1st...
> I have setup several email distribution lists using the /etc/aliases
> file on my system running Solaris 5.5.1. I would like to surpress the
> individual e-mail addresses form appearing in the TO field of the
> outgoing e-mail when mail is sent to the alias.
> I believe this is a configuration setting in the file but am
> not sure what the setting hould be.
> 2nd...
> I have a user who is maintaining her own distribution list in
> MS-Exchange. When the mail is received, all the individual e-mails also
> show up in the TO field. She is using the Solaris box above as the POP3
> server for her mail. I don't believe that changes made to the
> file will help this situation.
> I believe I will need to maintain the list on the Sun box to avoid this
> problem but any suggestions for POP e-mail clients that would surpress
> the individual e-mail addresses would be appreciated.

Kurt Stype
Administrator, Web Services

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