Summary: Ethernet & h/w addr problems

From: Janet Leung (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 15:48:03 CST

Here's the much belated summary. Thanks to
and others

The problem's resolved.

1. Change the ethernet address to equate to the IP address based on the
   ethernet address shown in the boot message. Once done, cd to /etc/up
   and "make ethers"
2. arp cache may still have the old h/w address. Look at the man page
   for "arp" and do a "arp -d" to zap the old address, and "arp -s" to
   install the new one
3. The old system(NIS server) may still have the old NIS maps w/ its
   original IP address. Boot the old system to single-user mode, mv
   /var/yp to /var.old & mkdir a new /var/yp; then reboot.

Janet Leung, TACTech, Inc., Yorba Linda, CA 92887

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