SUMMARY: X Error on Firewall 1 GUI

From: Sherman, Mark (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 11:54:08 CST

        I figured out the problem, seems fwui can't handle the 24bit display,
so the solution is to start openwindows with in 8 bit display mode. for
my case the option is:
        openwin -dev /dev/fbs/tcx0 defdepth 8

        you will need to replace tcx0 with the specfic type of frame buffer you
are using:

In all fairness (to this great list) I did receive one reply after I
resolved the issue and the reply was right on the money as follows

from: Dirk Boenning

I had problems using the fwui while using a 24Bit visual as the default
Check your Xserver. If the Server runs with a 24Bit visual as default,
change it to 8 Bit. The easiest way to check is invoking xwininfo
and clicking to the root background. Look at the Depth:

CU, Dirk.

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