SUMMARY: Backups

From: Grant (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 09:54:27 CST

Many, many thanks to all the following people:

K.Ravi <>
White Gary SrA USAFE CSS/SCOE <> (Mr Rene Occelli) (Peter M Allan)
David Lee <>
Rich Kulawiec <>
Bryan Parsons <> (Mark Hargrave)
David Steiner <>
Alfredo Sola <> (Sanjay Patel)
john <>

Here's what I learned:

The messages are saying that some process is using the partition I'm
trying to unmount therefore it will not unmount it. The same is true at
the end: it is telling me something is already mounted to the mount
point I specified this is because the disk was not unmounted.

Apparently, I need not worry about these messages.

If I wish to unmount the drive before doing the backup I need to find
what process is using it and stop that process.

I can run fuser and lsof to find processes that are running and stop
them, but that sounds tedious. Plus it means that I have to backups

Lastly, several people have always done backups with the disk mounted
and have not had any problems with the backups being corrupted.


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