SUMMARY: Directory permissions

From: Clarkson, Michael (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 07:05:35 CST

Thanks for the quick responses, as everyone rightly pointed out it was a
broken mount point. The directory on the server was being mounted from
a partition on a RAID in the vfstab, and the underlying mount point
permissions were incorrect.


Looks like a broken mountpoint. Unfmount the filesystem the file is
in and the chmod 755 on the mountpoint.

(The permissions of the directory underneath the root of a mounted
filesystems are only used when looking up "..".


If you are using automounting ensure that the automount maps on the
machine serving this directory is not also trying to mount on top of it.
 This will cause problems similar to what you are describing. If you
are not using automounter you should still check the /etc/vfstab to
ensure it is not doing this.

Gary White
Senior Systems Engineer USAF
Ramstein AB, GE

Hi Michael,

have a look at the permissions of the parent directory, you need at
least an x
for others. It may be that these permissions are hidden because you have
another directory on it and therefore the permissions of the underlying
are hidden. If this is the case you will have to umount the dir, change
permission and remount it.

Kind Regards - Jens Fischer

>From: Clarkson, Michael
>Sent: 5, March 1997 10:58 am
>To: 'sunmanagers'
>Subject: Directory permissions
>I have a directory with permissions:-
>drwxrwxr-x 31 dbadmin dbas 1024 Mar 2 16:24 release
>This machine is nfs exported to other clients, on the clients the
>directory appears to be normal, commands work as expected. However if a
>normal user accesses this directory on the server itself, commands fail
>as the current working directory is not known ( .. is missing) However
>if root enters the directory ( .. is seen ) and things work correctly.
>Is it possible to recreate .. , or do I need to create a new Dir. and
>tar the data in release across ?
>Michael Clarkson

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