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From: Michael Hawk (
Date: Sun Mar 02 1997 - 17:14:23 CST

My original question:

   On a solaris 2.4 machine of ours, I noticed that the /etc/mnttab had
been modified, with this line added:
-hosts /net autofs ignore,indirect,nosuid,dev=2600001 856938262
   I ran countless man's on mount, mnttab, etc, and couldn't find any
info as to what kind of fs autofs is, and what the "-hosts" actually
does. Can anyone elaborate?


1) Read the man page on automount.
2) This is actually from /etc/auto_master, which dictates the mnttab contents.
3) Try the command "apropos automount" to get the replated man pages.

So, this was apparently a carry over from a default setting for the

Those kind enough to reply were:

Fedor Gnuchev
Frank Pardo
Chris Marble
Casper Dik
Stephen Harris
Richard Skelton



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