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From: Jacques Rall (
Date: Wed Feb 26 1997 - 23:31:44 CST

Original question:

Dear SMs,

How can a user's account be niced when he logs in?

I've tried this:

user:x:111:222:Development user:/export/home/user:/usr/bin/nice 10

What I hope to achieve with this is that all the development user's
processes (spawned ones as well) run with a lower priority than the
production processes.



* Change the /etc/passwd file to:

        user:x:111:222:Development user:/export/home/user:/usr/bin/nksh
        And create /usr/bin/nksh:
        exec /usr/bin/nice -10 /usr/bin/ksh

* Add nice to either ~/.profile or ~/.login. The problem with this is
that the user can remove this himself.

* Use tcpwarp (suggested by

* Another clever solution is to replace the original compiler program
(cc or cobol) with a script:

        exec /usr/bin/nice -10 /usr/bin/cc.orig

        This way only the processor intensive processes are niced and not
vi's and the like.

Thanks to *

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