[SOLVED] lpNet and lpd under 2.4

From: David Steiner (dsteiner@brynmawr.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 09:09:39 CST


First of all, thanks to those who answered so quickly. Although, no one
came up with the solution I was looking for, I did get a bit of useful info.

As for the problem, I managed to find the answer myself with a bit more
digging. For those coming in late, the original questions (paraphrased):

What is lpNet?
How do I find out what it is doing?
Why do I get repeated messages that a connection cannot be made to a
networked printer using the lpd queue on a JetDirect card (the printer is
powered down most of the time)?
How do I stop them?

In the process of trying to find some other info, I went back to the
printing chapter in the Red Book (ah, where would we be without this
wonderful source?) and found the lpNet log file mentioned in conjunction
with the lpsystem command. I still don't have a real clear understanding of
lpNet itself but it is the lpsystem command that controls it.

The reason for the repeated connect tries is that the default for retrying
connections with servers is 10 min. Since the printer was set up with the
admintool, I had no idea about this command, let alone the default.
Solution: lpsystem -R n servername. (the n says do not try to reconnect
unless there is something to be printed)

For those of you who, like me, were unaware of this command, it also
controls printing permission, i.e., which machines you can send jobs to and
which you can receive them from. (By default, to and from all machines :-/ )

Thanks again for the responses. Sorry to have taken up bandwidth when the
answers were here.


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