SUMMARY: Lame Server messages / 2.5.1

From: James Cayz (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 09:14:35 CST


        Sorry for the repeat, someone _had_ written a similar message to
mine only back as far as Feb 3, 1997, not October as I had written:
> Ok, the summaries say (I can't remember the name of the
> person, but it was in Oct, 1996), that the Lame Server message from
> the newest in.named is not my fault. Fine. So, how do I keep it from
> making /var/adm/messages overly large? Really, I _don't_ care about
> someone else's Lame Server :-)

First, thanks go out to:
        David Montgomery
        Michael Panayiotakis
        James T Ranks
, for their responses.

        Universally, the answer was, "Compile BIND". Good answer, but
I am _trying_ to keep the machine as nice as possible for the contract
we have on it.... Another answer was:

>I had a similar problem. We had sever different subnets on the same physical
>segment. It appeared that after having a hostname defined for each ip address
>on each logical network, that the error message did not appear again.

Unfortunately, this isn't my case; only 1 subdomain here...

        Thanks for the assist, I'll keep plugging...
        (just grep -v Lame messages every few days....)
        (until I dump the contract, and get bind'ed (bound?) :-) )

        James Cayz

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