SUMMARY Exabyte 8500 sits with open door

From: Fedor Gnuchev (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1997 - 08:39:49 CST

Result: When Exabyte 8500 opens mouth when you had not asked for it
                 the message is "Good bye, darling!"

Sean Ward <> &&
Don Mosley <> - both scored 100% direct hit
                                (pity it had not saved me :-)
Bruce Lane <>
 Jacques Rall <>
Tanja Riedmuller EXABYTE Europe B.V.

Original problem:
> Symptoms: after attaching Exabyte 8500 to a newly configured machine to
> make a zero level dump and turning on power that tape opened the door and
> left amber LED on. It would not close manually, no matter powered on or not.
> It does responds to probe-scsi, readily recognized at boot, but that's
> all of available functionality.

Exabyte service reply:
  you might want to try this tape drive on a different machine. If it still
  doesn't work, I am afraid you will have to send it in for repair.
        Well, I did that :-) - immidiatedly. Does not help.

Why: Finally I'd opened box and found that the drive commited harakiri:
it issued "open door" and then something in those tiny plastic latches
slipped so that door latch is blocked and will never get back into proper

With best regards

Fedor Gnuchev

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