SUMMARY: tcpdump question

From: Michael Hawk (
Date: Mon Feb 24 1997 - 19:06:51 CST

   I unfortunately erased my original question and the answers. :(
However, I do recall the general information.

Original Question: Can I make tcpdump display statistics to display stats
based on percentage of the traffic that is coming from machine X?

1230 packets from (40%)
1000 packets from (30%)
123 packets from (4%)


I received two answers:

1) Find ethload from the net and try it out.

2) Get etherman from in /pub/netman/<OS>.

Etherman seemed to be a good tool, but I found the source of my specific
problem before getting to the point of needing to use it. So, I've
yet to really play with it...



Michael Hawk

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