SUMMARY 2 swapping root disk drive between workstation New Info and one question

Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 08:44:56 CST

Thomas Mehrkam
02/19/97 08:44 AM

How I finally got it to work

I booted off the Solaris 2.5 cdrom and executed the following commands

# i mounted my hard disk
mount /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 /a
mount /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s6 /a/usr

cd /a/kernel/drv
cp -p /kernel/drv/fas .
cp -p /kernel/drv/hme .
cp -p /kernel/drv/kstat* . # the drivers from here down may not be
needed but I was in a hurry
cp -p /kernel/drv/ksyms* . # and coppied all that where on the cdrom
that were not on my hard disk
cp -p /kernel/drv/ptm* .
cp -p /kernel/drv/pts* .
cp -p /kernel/drv/Winlock .

cp -p /tmp/root/etc/path_to_inst /a/etc/path_to_inst # copy the one
generated by the reconfigurer
               # reboot of the cdrom
# i installed the creator graphics card driver from the cdrom using pkgadd
cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_2.5
pkgadd -d . -R /a SUNWffb* #add all packages related to the ffb "Creator"
frame buffer

cd /a/dev
rm -rf *
cd /a/drivers
rm -rf *
# Notice this is important. My default directory is the drivers directory
on the hard disk. drvconfig
does not seem to work if this is not the case.

drvconfig -p /a/etc/path_to_inst -r /a
disks -r /a # set up the links for disks
devlinks -r /a # set up the links for misc devices and psuedo devices
ports -r /a # set up the links for serial ports
ucblinks -r /a # set up the links for Sunos 4.1 comp. devices
tapes -r /a # set up links for tapes
reboot -- -r # reboot and reconfigure

I am still missing the following links in /dev
  diskette diskette0 rdiskette rdiskette0 /dev/fd/1 /dev/fd/2 etc. Does
anyone know how to generate them?

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