SUMMARY - Sendmail Won't Compile

From: Plesha, Thomas A. (NSLC Pacific) (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 13:26:32 CST

The major cause of my problem with that I did not have the latest
"recommended" patches installed. The operative word is LATEST. I did
have the "recommended" patches, just not the latest!!!!!! :-(

Many thanks to the following people:
Tim Evans
Benjamin R. Cline
Claus Assmann
Scott McDermott
Salvador Ramirez Flandes
Karl Vogel
Rich Kulawiec
Chris Marble
Rachel Polanskis
Alex Finkel
R A Lichtensteiger
Russ Weeks

Original question was:

>I have tried, several times, to compile the latest version of sendmail
>without success using Sun's C and GNU C compilers. Is there a "trusted"
>location where I can get the sendmail executable for Solaris 2.5? I
>will summarize.

H.A.N.D. ;-)
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