SUMMARY: disk card in E5001, is it possible?

From: Ray Trzaska (
Date: Wed Feb 19 1997 - 06:29:38 CST

I guess the real answer here is who cares? -
if you buy an E5000, you would use disk trays and/or RSM drives so
why fiddle with a disk card?

I had two replies which were:-
        don't trust a salesman, and
        might be a clock card restriction.
I think is probably marketing ( first paragraph here ) and
the fact that the E5000 has a much longer cable loom from the first io-board.
( an e4000 mearly supports a cdrom and possibly a tape; the e5000 has a
longer cable into the cabinet for up to six devices including the cdrom).

So i expect a diskcard could be used as long as it is driven from a second
scsi controller.


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