SUMMARY: rpc.ttdbserver eating up CPU

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Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 13:19:53 CST

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the late reply of this response.

My original question was:

>I have a heterogeneous network, but this problem happens only in one
>Sun SPARCstation 5 running Solaris 2.5.1
>The problem is that the process rpc.ttdbserver is consuming too much CPU:
>355 root -25 0 2808K 1404K run 117.1H 94.55% 94.55% rpc.ttdbserver

A whole load thanks to:

        David Procter <>
        Don Smith <>
        Michael R. Zika <>

The solutions for this problem is not permanent. But, since I have applied
it the problem has disapeared. The solutions received recommend to
delete the tooltalk databases on the machine (ie, all files in the TT_DB
directories found at the root of ufs partitions). It seems that the
tooltalk databases can be corrupted for some reason. So, we still have a
problem to solve what is causing the corruption of the TT_DB databases.

Follows below procedures on how to clean up the ToolTalk databases.

Antonio Figueiredo
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SYNOPSIS: How to clean out the ToolTalk databases


Under certain circumstances the ToolTalk databases can become corrupted
to the extent that the daemon will repeatedly crash.

This usually manifests itself with messages appearing in /var/adm/messages
such as:

        /usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd: child status changed - core dumped
        last message repeated twenty times

This condition may occur for a number of reasons (such as having an
inconsistent installation, not having the latest patch installed, or
possibly after a disk partition has filled up).

However, after such problems are resolved, it will still be necessary
to clean out the old ToolTalk databases on disk.

This is best accomplished while the system is in a quiescent state
(single-user mode), but if this is not possible for some reason,
it can also be achieved using the procedure described here.


The procedure to clean out the databases is as follows:

1) Stop the ToolTalk daemon.

   Comment out the line in /etc/inetd.conf so that it looks like:

        #100083/1 stream rpc/tcp wait root /usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd \
           /usr/dt/bin/ dbserverd

   and refresh inetd with the command:
        kill -1 1

   Find the process ID of the currently running daemon:
        ps -e|grep rpc.ttdb

   and kill it with
        kill [pid]

2) Delete all ToolTalk Databases on the system.

   For EACH and EVERY local file system, type
        rm -f [mount_pt]/TT_DB/*
   It is very important to get ALL the Tootalk databases. The local
   mount-points may be found with the command:
        df -Fufs

   (Don't worry if some of these don't contain a TT_DB directory.)

3) Restart the daemon:
   Uncomment the line in inetd.conf again, and type
        kill -1 1


SUNOS RELEASE: Solaris 2.x

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