Summary: How To Get Rid of NIS Config

From: Mary Ann Stewart (
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 16:03:32 CST

Another case of record breaking time to answer my query. I wanted to
know how to back out gracefully from an NIS configuration without doing
a complete reinstall. Solaris 2.5 to run NFS only. Answers fell into
two categories:

1) Run sys-unconfig (found in /usr/sbin) which will totally uninstall
networking on the machine and reboot. Will get to reconfigure as part of
the boot process. This method came recommended as: The Right Way, the
cleanest way, the most reliable way, and a bit dangerous ( read the man
pages carefully).

2) Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf to use DNS and files (and not NIS). Also
remove /etc/defaultdomain file and stop the up processes in /var/yp.
Reboot (and see what breaks).

Many thanks to: Jafar Shameem, Rasana Atreya, Karl Vogel, Tony Orr, Val
Popa, Mark Belanger, James Brigman, Ken Franco, Chris Marble, Doug
Turley, Benjamin Cline, Mike Garcia, John Cieply.

Mary Ann Stewart
Kansas biological Survey

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