SUMMARY: Resolver problem

From: Demetris Papallis (
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 06:58:11 CST

In response to the following problem:

>Hello, I just had my first attempt to install Solaris 2.5.1 on a test
>The installation seems to have
>gone ok. However, I have the problem that the resolver does not work. The
>library files listed in the man pages of
>resolver as need for it to work are present. Nslookup that uses different
>libraries works fine. I have the
>following setup for /etc/resolv.conf:
>Other machines work just fine with the above setup. This one, gives "Host
>not found" immediately. It can
>ping when you specify an IP address but not a host name.
>The only part of the Solaris installation that I was unsure of, was the
>netmask part. I put the IPX in a
>class C network that is not subnetted, so I decided not to specify any
>netmask ( Is this correct? )
>Also "ifconfig -a" gives normal output.

The simple answer was to ensure I had "dns" specified at the end of the
hosts line in nsswitch.conf file.

Thanks for the *very* fast response to :
White Gary
Stephen Harris
Casper Dik
Chan Cao


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