SUMMARY Installing TurboGX, Monitor and Keyboard - NEED KEYBOARD HELP

From: Carl Carpenter (
Date: Mon Feb 17 1997 - 15:10:39 CST

Oh was i close to the answer.
The solution is to use the eeprom command and reboot
  eeprom input-device=keyboard
  /usr/sbin/shutdown -y -i6 -g180

Thanks to : Benjamin R. Cline
            Matthew Stier

Their responses are below

>Does anyone know how to make a type 5c keyboard work on a sparc 5 server
> that used to be a headless server.
>We have just gotten the TurboGX video card, an old Sun monitor and a
> type 5c keyboard. I am trying to use this equipment on a server that
> already has an operating system and a few services running on it.
>I installed the video card and hooked up the monitor and keyboard.
>Well, nothing worked. I looked thru the archives for this list an found
>out that i needed to do the following for the graphixs card.
> eeprom output-device="screen:r1024x768x50"
> reboot
>Now the monitor works great, but, I could not find anything in the archives
>on how to make the type 5c keyboard work.


Check your eprom settings (you can use the eeprom (1M) comamnd ) command,
you probably have something like "input-device=ttya", you need


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Go to the boot prom and reset the input-device and output-device to their default values. 'reset' (or powercycle) the computer, and all will be well.

-- Matthew Stier


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