SUMMARY: DNS not working

From: Ravindra N Nemlekar (
Date: Mon Feb 17 1997 - 10:24:45 CST

I rebooted the NIS server and it started working.
Thanks to everyone for their help. Below is
the summary of all the replies.

Thanks once again

Original question :
> I am splitting a domain into two.
> The DNS does not seem to work properly.
> I made the maps with the "-b" in the NIS makefile.
> /etc/resolv.conf is pointing to the proper servers.
> Nslookup can resolve the name, but ping, rlogin, telnet etc
> cannot resolve any name.
> Any suggestions ?
> OS is SunOS 4.1.4. Using NIS (which is working perfectly).
> Thanks for your help
> +Ravi.

Paul M. Jefferson wrote...

Make sure you have an /etc/resolv.conf
on all of your NIS servers. NIS does the query
for you.

Salvador Ramirez Flandes wrote ...

You must to patch the libc library for the resolv C functions.
For this, you should download the resolv+2.1.1, you can download it

as the faq of Sun managers list say..

for more information reffer to the 3.2 question of this FAQ.
please let my know if you have access to this faq.. for send you a copy.

Satish wrote ...

Recompiled /usr/lib/libresolv.a
with resolv+2.1.1 or newer version. You should find this on the net.
Instructions are simple. This tool is very flexible and has many options.

Gokhan Ozkan wrote ...

The problem is with your static and dynamic libraries. This is a known
bug or whetever you call it.

Extraction from bind/shres-doc/Issues :

Sun's name resolver, in the default setup, is reached via NIS. If a host
is not found in the NIS map, the NIS server program (ypserv) looks for a
special "cookie" value (which is generated by uncommenting the value
"B=-b" line in /var/yp/Makefile) and, if that value is found, does a DNS
lookup and returns the found value (if any). .....

The 4.9.x libresolv uses an external routine (strerror) that is not in
Sun's shipped libc. The BIND 4.9.x shared library install procedure
merges the compatibility code for strerror into,but does not
modify libc.a, nor does it include it into the unshareable libresolv.a.
This means code that is statically linked that uses -lresolv will fail
to link unless also linked with the compatibility library (lib44bsd.a).

It also means that programs that use auto-configuration utilites may
detect strerror in the shared C library, but compile against the
non-shared C library, resulting in problems.

This is the story part. Now what to do ?

bind/shres-doc/Install and /bind/shres-doc/Issues will guide you through
the entire installation and compilation process. I recommend (highly)
you to RTMF (Read The Fine Manuals). :)

Anyway, if you can not solve your problem this way, I may help you
further (if I can find my logs).

Donn MacCara wrote...

All I can suggest is:

In order for nslookup to work, you must have the proper /etc/resolv.conf
file on the workstation that is executing the nslookup. Apparently this
is the case.

In order for most other commands ( telnet, ping, ... ) to work under
4.x, the local /etc/resolv.conf file does not matter. You have to make
sure that the NIS server ( be it slave or master ) has the same valid


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