SUMMARY: Solaris version of ansitape

Date: Mon Feb 17 1997 - 06:33:16 CST


Thanks for your replies and apologies for the late summary.

Turned out to be a really simple solution: just use the BSD compatability
flag on the tape device name, like...


where the 'b' requests BSD behaviour, which allows reads past a tape mark. This is
explained in the "Read Operation" section within 'man mtio'. (Jeff Wasilko) hit the bullseye with this info.

Thanks to all who replied.


> We have tried to convert our old SunOS "ansitape" untility to Solaris (2.5 with
> SUNWspro compiler), and it all looks OK but manifestly fails to cater for
> file-mark processing on reads. After the first file-mark, every read is an error.
> We're using an HP88780 1/2" drive. It works OK for tar to/from tape.
> Time is running out, so I'm here(as usual!) in desperation. Does anyone
> have working source or a binary?

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