SUMMARY: NFS and file locking

From: Colin J. Wynne (
Date: Thu Feb 13 1997 - 10:15:59 CST


Is it just me, or have other people noticed that inexplicable problems
can get solved by doing something that should have absolutely no

My problem was this. On an NFS client, I had problems using MUAs and
man_db that seemed to be caused by a hang on getting file locks. The
prize goes to

        Randall S. Winchester <>

who suggested killing and then restarting stad and lockd (in that
order) on the NFS server. Expecting this to do absolutely nothing,
seeing as how both machines have been rebooted since the problem first
materialized, I nonetheless did as suggested...and now I have no
locking problems.

To be honest, I Don't Get It.

But hey, it's all working again.

Thanks also to

        James Kwong <>
        Per Boussard <>
        Peter Marelas <>
        Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>

for their responses. James pointed out that he had a similar problem
which might be specific to the case of a server with two ethernet
interfaces, and that patch 102001-11 might solve that. Per reminded
me to check permissions (1777) on /var/mail; this wasn't the problem,
but no solution is to obvious not to remind someone. :) Peter pointed
out that stad has un undocumented debugging flag (-d <level>).
Unfortunately, looking at statd output didn't turn up anything
useful. Finally, Casper mentioned the fact that statd has patches on
all Solaris releases. From SunSolve, I determined that for 2.5.1 the
patch is 104166, which is not part of the recommended patch cluster.

For those of you who have been following the tribulations of my
upgrade (and I feel compelled to point out that the upgrade from
2.5-->2.5.1 caused me more headaches than going from SunOS 4.1.4 to
Solaris 2.5 did in the first place...), this brings out story to a
happy ending.

Thanks again to everybody who helped out,


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