SUMMARY: Full-Duplex-Ethernet Sparc <--> Cabletron MMAC+

From: Thomas Bleek (
Date: Thu Feb 13 1997 - 04:19:39 CST

at first the original Question:
are there any expiriences with full duplex ethernet/fast-ethernet
with SPARCS and the MMAC+ (Cabletron) ?
Thanks for any informations and of course i will summarize.

I got only one reply.
Thanks to Martin and best wishes to the whole list,

>>>From Sat Feb 8 18:14:30 1997
>>>Date: Sat, 8 Feb 97 18:14:56 +0100
>>>From: (Martin Oksnevad)
>>>Message-Id: <>
>>>Subject: Re: Full-Duplex-Ethernet Sparc <--> Cabletron MMAC+
>>>The Sun dealer in Norway tells me that Sun is only recommending
>>>full-duplex between Suns. Since Sun doesn't make hubs/switches this
>>>is limited to a back-to-back Sun-to-Sun connection.
>>>The reason for this is that the full-duplex standard was not ready
>>>when Sun made their latest SunOS (5.5.1). The same goes for most/all
>>>products delivered in 1996 by other companies. So most companies have
>>>delivered their own full-duplex version which is "very close" to
>>>the official full-duplex standard.
>>>Products that follows the official full-duplex standard will come in 1997
>>>and my guess is that Solaris 2.6 will be OK when it comes in june-97.
>>>You may get full-duplex to work between boxes from different companies, but
>>>you will probably not get help from Sun if you have full-duplex trouble.

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