SUMMARY: Sendmail how to. (Mailing List for customers)

From: Demetris Papallis (
Date: Wed Feb 12 1997 - 05:33:12 CST

Hi, thanks to the many people that responded (and are listed below), I
found a solution to the mailing list problem I experienced. The best
solution for me was to send the messages Bcc to the users, but I had to
take out the "for:" entry in my file, so that the recipient
addresses are entirely transparent:
HReceived: $?sfrom $s $.$?_($?s$|from $.$_) $.by $j ($v/$Z)$?r with $r$. id
$i$?u for $u$.; $b

Other solutions suggested but where not what I was looking for, were:
- using majordomo (good solution, but the above is faster for me to
- using the bulletin feature of qpopper (not feasible, because most of my
users are dialup customers without personal home directories)
- using a personal alias through my mail client (hard to update
automatically, plus too many users for some clients ...such as elm)

..... as an ISP, I add all my users to an alias so that when I have a
message that I need to send to all I
can just send it to the alias. However I have the problem that when users
get the message they can see what
the alias is, and can thus forward a mail to all the other users. This is
annoying for most the
other users. Is there a way I can limit this alias to accept mail only
from addresses I specify? Are other
people doing such a thing in another effective way??
Thanks to:

Vasu Srisanan
David Schiffrin
Satish Somanath
Karl E. Vogel
Joe R. Jah
Michael Sullivan
Liz Bartlett
Jim Roy
Kevin Davidson
Chris Marble
John Justin Hough
Matthew J. Hill
Tim Thompson
Yaron Hemi, Trendl
David Entwistle
David Morgan

        Demetris Papallis


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