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From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Tue Feb 11 1997 - 21:22:25 CST

Hello, all,
Thanks for all the response, I am going to get one from APC!


Justin Young <>
Get a 2200 Watt power model from APC. It's what we use. We have the
exact configuration that you have. One Ultra Enterprise 2 both internal
drives/ Creator 3D, etc. and a 25.2 GB disk pack. l8r.

------------------------- (

We have had a Powerchute plus software running in Bahrain for
over a year now,

You can tweak the time/outs wait times to suit your needs

Model we have is SmartUPS 600 (You will probably need more)

NOTE ALL more power does is give you longer standby time
        (for shutting down OR for local power to come back)



Andy Marr <>

I'd recommend APC Smart UPS 3000.
We have a Axil S420 4Xprocessors (Sparc Clone),
2 52Gb Xyratex RAID Units ,
20 Monitor ,
SCSI device box with Tape and CD-Rom.
and a DLT 7 Tape auto changer.

The ups comes with some really good software which does all the usuall
emailing shuting down , etc.

It last about 17 Mins on full load , which is more than enough time to
shutdown gracefully.

A very good product.


Dieter Gobbers <>

We're using two UNITY/I of Best Power to supply the power for our server
machines. One of them is dedicated for our NFS fileserver (auspex) with
Disks, no monitor. I don't know exactly how much capacity the UPS has,
but it's
the smallest of the UNITY/I series, and it's load is at 18% which allows
server to run 50 minutes during a power failure.
We've although some UPS of APC, but as our experiance shows, they aren't
reliable, about 50-60% of them had to be repaired during their usage.


Dave <>
  American Power Conversion is the best.
  This site has power factors for most equipment.


Rahul Roy <roy@bluestone.COM>

Get one from American Power ZCorporation (APC) - a 1500 VA UPS will be
good enough I think ...


Daniel Baker <>

Do you want to power the monitor?

----------------------------- (Christopher Petrilli)

Two things.

One, it depends on how long you need to keep the system up. I use ONLY
Liebert ( UPS becuase they're the best on the
market, bar none. I swear by the UPSstation GX 2.1KVa, which is use on
lot of Ultras.

Also, do NOT put the monitor on the UPS, it wil lcause a HUGE drain and
enormously shorten the life of the UPS when running off battiers only.
Also, when you turnb it on, it can drain the UPS so far as to crash the
machine. :-)

If you have more specific quesitons, let me know, but that's what I do.



"James Tran" <>

I have been using UPS's from APC and so far they are great.
APC (800)800-4APC

I recomment you to get either the APC Smart-UPS Model 2200VA or
3000VA. They also have PowerChute Plus for Unix so you can control
the above listed models.

Or you can contact APC and they will give you suggestions.


Dan Pritts <>

look at (american power conversion, a maker of UPS's)

they have something on their web site that tells you how to calculate
your needs.


Ric Anderson <>

We use American Power Conversion's SmartUPS line at work. Their
PowerChute PLus software for Solaris does a nice job of shutting things
down if the batteries get low also.

A Sparc 20 with an external disk pack and a monitor seems to ride
nicely on a SmartUPS 1400 if that helps any. Call 1-800-800-4APC
or check their web site at


Tim Carlson <>

Sounds like you need a 1400 Smart-UPS from the folks at APC.


John Justin Hough <>

The monitor consumes the most power. My guess power on is more than
 600VA when it powers up or transitions from sleep mode. The system
 with the two processors is probably less than 150VA and the external
 multipack is likely to be less then 100VA. So a 900VA unit would
 hold your unit and not do funny things on power up. I like Best
 Not their Fortress, just their Ferrups. Fortress's will cut out if
 the power browns and then spikes rapidly (like when a Green printer
 comes online every so often to check itself off). I don't like
 UPS whose outputs are square wave or synthesized sign waves. It just
 seems to lossy to me.


Jaspreet Singh <m1jxs03@FRB.GOV>

APC for brand

One of the medium level one's

check their web page at


Chris Marble <>

I'd probably get an APC 1400 BackUPS. I assume the monitor won't
be plugged in to the UPS. Those times when the power goes out and
someone's there then they can plug the monitor into the UPS if they
need to shut the system down. The 1400 should get you more than 15
minutes of lights-out operation.


> > Hello, all,
> > I plan to buy a UPS power supply for my ULTRA-2 with two CPU, a
> > multi-pack (6 x 4.2GB), and a 20 inch monitor. I had hard time to find
> > information about their power usages. The question is how big UPS set do
> > I need? What model and Brand do you recommend?
> > Thanks!!
> > Feng Qiu
> >

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