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>From reynolds Mon Feb 10 07:36:57 1997
Subject: unlocking HP printer


I have an HP LaserJet 4mPlus that was inherited from a PC network.
Whenever I try to reconfigure it from the control panel, I get a "MENUS
LOCKED" message, and I can't get to the menus. I couldn't find Menu
Locking in the HP manuals or on their web site. Anyonw know how to
unlock this?


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Thanks to : (Cecil Pang)
 David Linnabary <sunshine!>
 Satish Somanath <>
 Jason Keltz <>
 Jan Barte <>

I did not state in the original message that I was purely working on
serial and parallel connections. There was no way to use telnet to
contact the printer.

The winning entry :
You can do that by reset the EPROM of the printer. You need to program
it completly.

Procedure :-

Go to Test Menu and print a test page that has all the information of
the current setup.

Power off the printer.

Press the on-line button and power-on the printer. It will reset all
parameter to default.

Use the menu re-program it.


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I firmly agree with the last point.

Other honorable mentions to :

> How is this set up ? Ethernet (Like ours) or local
> to a Sun ?
> On ethernet you can telnet to it and change some parameters.
> (With no password or logging that I've detected.)
> I don't know what this control panel is that you've mentioned.
> -- Peter Allan

From: David Linnabary <sunshine!>

About your "Menu locked" HP printer: Your should be able to telnet to
it through your network. I don't remember just exactly what the commands are
but you can type "?" to get help. There are provisions for password
protecting which you may need to read about in your manual. Best of luck
and if you find anyplace that this is documented well, please pass that info

From: Satish Somanath <>

if this printer is on the network with IP#

try telnet - by default there is not password

From: Jason Keltz <>

Your HP printer has been locked with the "jetadmin" software. You must
use jetadmin to unlock it. As long as you do this as root, I don't think
the program will even request the password from you, so if you don't have
the password, you can reset it this way.
and The Most Intruiging Technical Entry goes to :

From: Jan Barte <>

You can use this PJL Job to configure the Control Panel Locking.

JOB PASSWORD is in the range from 0 to 65535
If you don't know it the only way I know is to try it.

ESC%-12345X@PJL COMMENT Disable Control Panel Locking
@PJL COMMENT 24.07.1995 yann

Please use the uuencoded File, because the ESC above has to be the char 0x1b

begin 600 CPLOCK_OFF
M;V-K:6YG"D!02DP@0T]-345.5" R-"XP-RXQ.3DU("!Y86YN"D!02DP*0%!*
M3"!*3T(@4$%34U=/4D0@/2 P"D!02DP@1$5&055,5"!#4$Q/0TL@/2!/1D8*

Thanks again to one and all!

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